738. Monotone Increasing Digits

738. Monotone Increasing Digits

难度: Medium




Given a non-negative integer N, find the largest number that is less than or equal to N with monotone increasing digits.

(Recall that an integer has monotone increasing digits if and only if each pair of adjacent digits x and y satisfy x <= y.)

Example 1:
Input: N = 10
Output: 9
Example 2:
Input: N = 1234
Output: 1234
Example 3:
Input: N = 332
Output: 299
Note: N is an integer in the range [0, 10^9].


思路 1
- 时间复杂度: O(D^2)- 空间复杂度: O(D)


beats 58.46%

class Solution:
def monotoneIncreasingDigits(self, N):
:type N: int
:rtype: int
digits = []
A = list(map(int, str(N)))

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